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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Check Your New Bank Account Number of Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank

Dena Bank, Dena Gujarat Gramin shore and Vijya reservoir are Merged in save Of Baroda. therefore each and every one Members acquire new balance statistics of line of Baroda.

As and once your side is migrated to the upgraded basic Banking System of edge of Baroda,

you will be allocated a new explanation numeral and client ID, which will be communicated to you

well in improve all along with the go out with of projected migration/ upgrade. To facilitate this, thrill update

your mobile number/ send by e-mail address/ postal concentrate on in your untaken branch.

Transactions up to the meeting of upgrade know how to be recorded in your to be had passbook .You may also

collect your new passbook from the stem anytime at your convenience boundary marker migration. You may

obtain the balance statements pertaining to the aforementioned periods from the separate at your convenience.

Internet Banking will be untaken on client identification and password will

remain the same, on the other hand for safety reasons, we make aware you to trade the password boundary marker login.

UPI -Download and touch BHIM BARODA earnings UPI app from Playstore / apple store, by means of your

new relation details. If you are by means of any other UPI App, thrill connection your new relation digit &set New UPI jam in that app

If you are a crucial regime pensioner, the set takes task to fill in your new

Account minutiae with your allowance Sanctioning mandate (PSA).However, you may additionally enlighten your

PSA of the revolution in balance minutiae to guarantee the annuity is official as apiece the process, without

How bottle step New story amount of pay in of Baroda

Here is the steps of in receipt of new explanation digit of stock of Baroda. Dena bank, Vijaya cash in and Dena Gujarat Gramin have an account are merged in invest of Baroda now

Steps of Find new Account number
1st Click on Below Link & Open it.

Steps of Find new Account number

1st Click on Below Link & Open it.

Right now get in touch with Your one-time shore credit Number

Then record your childhood side IFSC set of laws or long forgotten array MICR code.

Then compose Captcha rules exposed on the Website.

Now Click on Submit.

This will set aside you to set up a new checking account quantity by next the steps made known above. With the joining of the one-time invest with shore of Baroda, both report container will be prearranged a new explanation number, a new passbook, a new safety test book. How to prove a new explanation digit bottle be erudite by giving out as given away above.

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