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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Gujarat Anganwadi Bharti 2020 Marit List Declared

The council is also considering releasing two more booklets on the subject, pre-service as well as in-service education.  Discussions on this in some seminars, meetings and workshops have received the generous guidance of Prof. Dave.  Since the concept of this project was formulated and also in finalizing this booklet. 

Important link..

Check to merit list here

   Limmia has made significant contributions to this work with the help of his other experienced and scholarly colleagues.

                 Dr. K. Walia from the National Institute of Teacher Training has supervised the project as well as provided educational materials to enrich the related writings.  I am heartily grateful to all those who participated in the various discussions, meetings and writing.  J.  S Rajput New Delhi January, 1998 Adhya National Teacher - Training Council New Delhi do Ruaro

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