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Friday, November 27, 2020


These states are either reporting an increase within the number of active cases — those that are hospitalised or are in home isolation under medical supervision, or demonstrating an increase within the daily new cases of coronavirus infections, press agency PTI reported citing the Union Health Ministry on Sunday.
With 45,209 new cases of coronavirus recorded on Saturday, new cases exceeded recoveries for the second time in three days, resulting in an increase in active cases. So far, quite 90.95 lakh people are found infected with the disease, the info updated by the Health Ministry at 8 am on Sunday said. Of these, about 4.4 lakh are currently active. a complete of 501 fatalities were reported, taking the entire death count is 1.33 lakh.
Hello friends, why are you all watch out for coronavirus now because coronavirus isn't gone yet the amount of individuals infected with coronavirus remains increasing day by day and thanks to this coronavirus the entire of Gujarat and therefore the whole world is advancing in health and prosperity. We now know that the sole thanks to prevent coronavirus isn't to go away the house without work and whenever it's necessary to go away , it's very necessary for the person to return and take a shower immediately whenever he enters the house and boil all his clothes in some predicament . it's also vital to scrub with powder as this coronavirus can cause tons of problems.

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Friends, we are here to supply you with date wise daily statistics of coronavirus of Gujarat also as daily statistics of India and therefore the world accurately and consistent with government statistics and government press notes. We aren't sure to offer you this kisli information. Hopefully today's update of Corona is as follows

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