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Monday, November 23, 2020


Gandhinagar Dt. 23/11/2020, District Education Officer, All Subjects: - Matter of fixing the time of government and non-government subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools of the state.  Reference: (1) Resolution No. of Education Department: PRE / 11/2020/15 1/2 dated 3/4/2050 (2) Letter No. from the Office of the Commissioner of Schools: D / Medium / Perch / 2020 / 1008-2 So, 2  / 4/2020 (3) Letter No. of the Office of the Commissioner of Schools: The / Madhya / Perch / 2030 / 111pp0 - P5 dt. 3/4/2040 (2) Resolution No .: Mashab / 160/3/6 dt.  19/11/20 (2) Resolution No. of Education Department;  MASHAB / 120/4/6 DATE 21/11/20 To state on the above subject that the instructions given in the resolution of the education department mentioned in reference-1 can be fully implemented as well as the current students are not coming to school.  Instructions have been given to keep the time of secondary and higher secondary schools from 9:30 to 12:00 hours.  Currently, due to the Corona epidemic (COVID-19), instructions have been issued to close schools across the state with reference to Resolution-5. 

Therefore, till the order of the Government regarding the formal commencement of schools, the time of all the secondary and higher secondary schools in your district should be kept from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.  egipce (HN Chavda) Joint Director of Education Secondary Gujarat  , Gandhinagar Nakal Ravoni:> Personal Secretary, Hon'ble Minister, Office of Education, Swarnim Sankul-1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar - Secretary,

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