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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

4200 grade pay news from Dy cm Nitin bhai Patel official News

A pay grade is a unit in systems of monetary compensation for employment. It is commonly used in public service, both civil and military, but also for companies of  private sector

Pay grades facilitate the employment process by providing a fixed framework of salary ranges, as opposed to a free negotiation.

The Gujarat government has decided to postpone the notification regarding the reduction in the grade pay of primary teachers in the state, which was made almost year ago.

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We are not bound to give you this kisli information. Hopefully today's update of Corona is as follows

We now know that the only way to prevent coronavirus is not to leave the house without work and whenever it is necessary to leave, it is very necessary for the person to come and take a bath immediately whenever he enters the house and boil all his clothes in some hot water.

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