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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Gujarat High Court Recruitment 2020-2021

Free Judgement Search of Judgement of Supreme Court - Legal Research, Case law

NearLaw App is an law library encyclopedia of 300,000+ judgments  (10,000+ Supreme Court judgements in Free version) and orders from the Supreme  Court of India, Bombay High Court judgments.

This unique legal app enables Judges, Advocates, Lawyers (Law Firm, Inhouse Counsel, Independent Practitioners), Chartered Accountants (CA), Company Secretaries (CS), Academicians / Professors, Legislators, Law students, Law College Administrators, Corporate houses, Media persons, Litigants and Others to carry on legal research using a smart phone or android phone.

NearLaw is much more than a key word search app, but is a well structured India Law Library database containing researched and indexed Court case law data containing judgement of Supreme Court. Judgements are interlinked. Interlinking is a unique concept available only in SpotLaw. It works as an online legal manual:

With NearLaw Advocate App, Lawyers and Advocates in India can:

1) Do CaseVoice Search and find Supreme Court Judgements, Judgements of High Court (e Judgments) with keywords to aid in Legal Research

2) Get Latest Supreme Court Judgment and Law Today like Supreme Today and Supreme Court News

3) Perform Advanced Search using Act Name, Section, Order, Rule on Case Law to find Orders/Judgements

4) Get Legal News and Law News today with Latest Judgments and Notifications and Alerts of Judgments from Supreme Court of India

5) Share and save any case law or acts to answer the question of How to get Court Judgement Copy Online

NearLaw is best Legal App for Indian Advocate :

1) Supreme Court Legal Judgments in eBook format Law Books of India and First e Law Journal of India reporting Law Judgements or Legal Judgments

2)  Legal cases with Headnote Keywords for fast research in this Law Library app.

3)  Legal info for Legal Knowledge for all citizens interested in Law India info or Legal India related information

4) Comprehensive Law Finder App among all Case Law apps (such as eCourts App) with Advanced Search to search judgements using Topic wise, Keyword Search, Subject (Act Statute Name) with Section, Order, Article or Rule.

- Name of Party (Appellant or Respondent)
- Keywords in Judgement including topical or statutes
- Case Citation
- Date of Judgment
- Name of Hon'ble Judge
- Statutes or Central Acts or IndiaCode Laws or State Laws
- Subject Index
- Legal News of Landmark Judgements, Often cited Judgments, Important Supreme Court and High Court Judgments
- Latest Judgements

5) Best Law Apps in India with easy-to-use Voice Search

Coming soon:

1) Free Law Dictionary Online containing Legal phrases, concepts and maxims.

2) Cooperative Court Cases, Labour Court cass, Industrial Court Cases, Motor Accident Claim Cases, All Important Tribunals Cases, as reported in the eCourts services app. (Subscription Module Upgrade)

3) Bombay High Court cases, Bombay High Court orders, Bombay High Court judgments with Updates (Subscription Module Upgrade).

Startingto apply from 01 March 2021

March 31, 2021 Deadline to apply

 Recruitment examination will start from 18th July 2021

Recruitment for 38 post

Salary - Rs 14,800 to Rs 47,100

Age Limit - The age of the candidate should be minimum 18 years and maximum 35 years


Interested candidates can apply online from the Gujarat High Court website.


Applicants need to see the complete recruitment instructions before applying.

Apply Online: 

Click Here

NearLaw offers Free Judgement search for all cases including those SC cases reported in Judgement Information System or JUDIS or eCourts. The data of the judgments is in public domain and not the copyright of NearLaw. The editorial inputs including Headnote, Ratio Decidendi, Longnote, Statute name, Section, Order, Rule identification is NearLaw copyright.

Product features

-  Intelligent Voice Search (search in Headnote, Judgment, etc.)
-  Accurate Headnotes
- Advanced Law Search

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