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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Matter of considering Head Teacher Aptitude Test- HTAT Principal as Academic Cadre.

Matter of considering Head Teacher Aptitude Test- HTAT Principal as Academic Cadre.

List and comparison of the top-rated data recovery service provider companies in 2021:

In today’s digital world, data storage devices play a really important role in our professional also as personal lives.

Whether it's a crucial professional document on a tough disc drive or medical data on a USB flash drive or photos and videos on an external disk drive , we store equally of important information on one or the opposite data memory device . We think that the info is usually safe and available to us whenever we'd like it.

But is it?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO!

Top Data Recovery Services

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Why We Need Data Recovery Service

Sensitive information stored on these devices isn't secure unless you're taking regular backups. Data stored on any memory device is susceptible to damages thanks to wear and tear of the mechanical parts in these devices, mishandling, or various other reasons. Facing a data loss situation either for professional or personal data is no fun.

Professional data recovery service is that the process of recovering inaccessible, lost, corrupted or formatted data from various storage devices like hard disc Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SDD), USB Drives, External Hard Drives, mobile phones, etc.

There are often multiple reasons for a memory device failure such as:

Virus attack




Physical damage

Mechanical failure

Natural disasters such as fire and flood

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Data Which Can be Recovered

It is important to know that the info which is accidentally deleted or formatted still exists on the disk drive somewhere. Only the space for storing where the info was stored is marked as available to store the new data.

Hence, data recovery is feasible from such a memory device . The important point is to stop using the drive. It is also possible just in case the disk drive isn't detecting, inaccessible, or has physical damages.

For maximum recovery, the disk drive must be handled by specially trained professionals in humidity, temperature, and therefore the contaminant-controlled environment – commonly referred to as a Cleanroom. For complicated tasks like physical damages or undetected disk drive , the recovery process is complex and wishes specialized equipment and skills.

Data Which Can’t be Recovered

Although some service providers may claim 100% recovery is possible, you as the buyer need to understand that even with the latest equipment and advanced technology such figures are impossible to achieve. Similarly, there are some situations where data recovery isn't possible. For example-

If the info was overwritten with new data, it can’t be recovered

Data can’t be recovered from a smartphone that has been factory reset.

In case of physical damage to the disk drive , if the info has been physically scrapped from the platter, it can’t be recovered.

If the HDD OS , also referred to as firmware, is broken then also the info can’t be recovered.


As each data loss situation is unique, pricing for data recovery services can vary. When you visit a recovery service provider just in case of knowledge loss, they're going to ask you to fill a form and supply details of the device, damage type, physical condition of the device, and therefore the data you would like to recover. You need to supply file formats, the quantity of knowledge , etc.

Most recovery service providers offer a free evaluation of the device. Based on the knowledge you provide and therefore the evaluation, they're going to provide an estimate for the value also as what they will probably recover.

Pro Tip: To select the right provider for your data loss situation, you need to consider the provider’s experience, quality of their lab or Cleanroom, privacy/security of your data, and the cost. Best providers have ISO certified Cleanrooms to figure on the disk drives. These Cleanrooms are temperature, humidity, and contaminant-controlled environments as prescribed by the drive manufacturers.

For example, an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom allows 100,000 particles (0.1 microns or larger) per cubic meter, and an ISO 4 Class 10 allows 10,000 particles per cubic meter. Hence, an ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom is cleaner than an ISO 5 Class 100. Details of ISO Cleanroom standards are given within the table below.

Points to Remember in Data Loss Situations

When your hard drive or any other storage device becomes inaccessible, or there is any physical damage to it, it is crucial that you don’t panic. In this situation, you ought to know what you ought to NOT do instead of what you ought to do. While facing data loss, please refrain from the following:

Do not tamper with or mishandle the memory device . This is one among the first causes of permanent data loss.

Do not format the memory device , it'd make data recovery harder .

Do not store any new data on the memory device . It will overwrite the old data and can make recovery impossible.

If your hard drive is making a scraping, tapping, clicking or humming sounds, please do not use any recovery software it might damage the drive further.

Do not change electronic components as this might cause permanent data loss.

Any of the above activities might make recovery more tedious and expensive process or cause irrevocable data loss. To recover data from a failed data memory device , it's recommended that you simply stop using the device immediately and obtain help from a recovery service provider asap.

Hard Drive, SSD, RAID/NAS/SAN, drive , Laptop, Desktop, Flash Drives, Smart phones and tablets, VM ware, CCTV, MAC Computers HIPPA data privacy and security rules

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34 years of experience Certified ISO -5 Class 100 Cleanroom

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Secure Data

Has office in more than 40 cities in USA, provides nationwide service via local pick up.

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