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Friday, March 12, 2021

While alive, one can live even after death. While living, a false tribute of a man was printed in a newspaper and his whole life was changed!

While alive, one can live even after death. While living, a false tribute of a man was printed in a newspaper and his whole life was changed!

While alive, one can live even after death. While living, a false tribute of a man was printed in a newspaper and his whole life was changed!
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Think of happiness as a jingle or like a butterfly, but the way to get it is easy and the place is buzzing.  In this column, every Saturday, riding on the envelope of thoughts, we will all go out to the address of happiness.

This is the event of 1888.  One fine morning a man was reading a daily newspaper with a cup of coffee in his hand.  Suddenly, his attention was drawn to the news, and he began to tremble.  Even though there was news of someone's death, I started sweating as soon as I read the news because it had its own name as the person who died.  The name may have been printed by mistake because he was alive and reading his own death note.  When he called the newspaper office, the person in charge admitted the mistake and apologized.

It happened to this man that I read the whole news, so that I would know how people recognize me after my death.  The headline was, "Farewell to the land of the merchants of death." And it read, "Never before has a man who has become so rich as to find a way to kill people die so fast."  ‘Will the world recognize me as a death dealer after my death?  Does the world remember that I became rich by killing people?  I don't want the world to know me this way after I die.  I want to introduce myself to the world in a different way, not as a 'death dealer'. '

After much deliberation, the man made a will on November 27, 1895, after 7 years of deliberation, and formed a trust by donating 94% of all his wealth.  Raised a fund from all donations and arranged for the world's largest prize to be awarded each year from interest income on that fund.  The award began in 1901 to people who have done something for the world and for humanity and for their outstanding contributions to five different fields - medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and world peace.  In celebration of the 300th anniversary of Sweden's central bank, the bank donated a large sum of money to the Nobel Foundation, and since 1969, Nobel Prizes have been awarded to those who have excelled in economics.  The world recognizes the man not as a death dealer but as the founder of the Nobel Prize, after he actually departed for the launch of the world's largest prize.  This man was Dr. who invented dynamite.  Alfred Nobel.

Dr.  After the death of Alfred Nobel's brother, the French newspaper Ironius mistakenly replaced his brother with Dr.  News of Alfred's death spread and the world received the Nobel Prize.  Born on October 21, 1833, Dr.  Alfred Nobel was 55 years old.  After seven years of in-depth deliberations, he drafted a will in 1995 and raised a fund of 94% of all his assets after deducting taxes.  At that time it was 3,12,25000 Swedish kronor (about 27 crore rupees).  The current value of this fund is billions of rupees and out of the amount of interest received from this fund, provision has been made to honor the people and organizations who have made special contribution for the welfare of the people every year.  The prize money varies from year to year.  In the year 2020, a cash prize of 1,00,00,000 / - Swedish Kroner i.e. 8,20,00,000 / - (eight crore twenty lakh rupees) was given in each sector.

Many contemporaries of Alfred Nobel and even richer than Alfred Nobel would have been living in our India at that time.  Do we even remember the name of any one of these many Indians?  We don't remember the name of our compatriot who was born in our own country and on the other hand we don't even have a bathing suit with Alfred Nobel of Sweden and yet we Indians remember him.  Hey, why only Indians?  People from all over the world remember him.  The world remembers only those who give something to the world.  If a person wants to, no one can kill him even after his death because he lives in the hearts of millions of people.

ગુજરાતી માં સ્ટોરી વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Instead of living only for ourselves, we should live a little for this world and do whatever we can to help the people of the world, big or small, for their well-being.  It is 100% true that wealthy men create wealth through their masculinity.  Yet this wealth of his should be put to little use for a section of society that needs it.  Large dams are constructed to store rain water and when the inflow of water in this dam continues due to overflowing rains, additional water has to be allowed to flow by opening the planks to save the dam.  If the planks are not opened, the inflow of water due to the continuous rains of Uparvas also breaks the strong dam and all the water flows away.  In the same way, the one whose life is constantly showered with Lakshmiji's grace, after collecting enough Lakshmi, let the extra Lakshmi flow for good deeds.  Otherwise it is possible that it will break the whole dam.

This land of India has inherited the sacraments of service.  We are the inhabitants of a country where animals and birds were also considered and today we are forgetting about animals and birds aside, even man.  If we want the world to remember us even after our departure, we must do something for the world and the people of the world in our lifetime.  It will be forgotten in a few days that no matter how much money is spent on printing big photos in the press, there will be no change.  We have not yet learned to be socially responsible.  We will be able to think of this society along with ourselves so that we can live forever in the hearts of certain people.

(The author is a well-known thinker and speaker)

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